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Site Reconstruction

Hey guys! I'm reconstructing my site to be better organized/prettier. Thanks for your patience while there may be some stuff missing here/there. I didn't want to take it completely offline during the transformation. 


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Hey guys! 

How's everything going for you? Things are gearing up here in my hometown for Derby Season! It's crazy around here this time of year.  Things are no less crazy in the rose garden, either.  We're launching the prototype of a mobile app and concept I've been developing for 8 years at a big invitation only event on April 30 (Night before Oaks). This is the culmination of a journey I began from one place in life to another that has been wonderful and terrifying.

If you are a writer, a musician, a game developer, a tinkerer, a photographer or artist, I hope you will submit something to the juried exhibit for judging! The judges and prizes are really awesome and you could find yourself featured in some very cool circles! This is the first annual Rosegate Award celebrations, and we can't wait to see who the first honorees will be! Anyone can submit. The  event will be invitation only, but we'll be releasing clues on how to get an invitation! (The chosen creators will be granted access for them plus one.)



In other recent news, I got to perform as part of a competition in Indianapolis at Latitude 360. It was a blast! It was such a cool venue. I'd love to meet a bunch of people up there and invade the arcade one night. They had a huge digital competitive light up connect four! The comedy room was HUGE!! I loved it! 

I also got to attend one of my favorite Louisville events, the Louisville Arcade Expo. Pay your day ticket and go in and play all the pinball and old school video games you can stand.... YES, PLEASE! Got my t-shirt, and got to play Dr. Who, Metallica, Adams Family, Wizard of Oz, Medieval Knights and other great new and vintage pinball games. I was disappointed the Transformers game wasn't there this year. It was my favorite last year.

I'm also busy with the development of a new film being made in Louisville about a mobster who finds redemption from a young girl whose father runs a rehab center. I look forward to acting and helping with the script development. 


There's a lot going on, and I can't wait for you guys to share in some of the fun!!! Jump on board and get to creating!!! Whether you are creating art to submit to the exhibit or creating more peace and awesome in yourself and the world around you, I want to offer my blessings and love.

Thanks for continuing to stick with me on this journey. I am humbled and blessed by your presence.

Love and Light to send you through your stories...